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    Putin calls for amicable solution to Sistema-Rosneft legal battle

    Shares in Sistema, the privately held conglomerate locked
    in a $2.9bn legal battle with state-controlled oil major
    Rosneft, rose as much as 15 per cent after Russian president
    Vladimir Putin called for an “amicable agreement”.
    Mr Putin’s unexpected intervention has raised investor
    hopes of an out-of-court settlement, after the high-profile
    fight between two of Russia’s biggest businesses chilled
    investor sentiment in the country.
    A regional court last month ordered Sistema to pay Rosneft
    $2.3bn in damages after ruling that it had stripped assets
    from Bashneft, a smaller oil producer that was seized from
    the company in 2014 by the state and is now controlled by
    Rosneft had demanded $2.9bn and is investigating the
    possibility of an appeal to increase the award.
    “I think it would be wrong if I now publicly stated my
    attitude to this matter, but I very much hope that they will
    manage to reach an amicable agreement, which would be
    beneficial for both companies and the Russian economy as a
    whole,” Mr Putin told reporters on Tuesday, after saying
    that he had met both Rosneft chief executive Igor Sechin
    and Sistema owner Vladimir Yevtushenkov.
    “But how this will develop further, I cannot say 100 per
    cent, because I did not give any direct instructions to
    anyone about this, and I think it is not appropriate to give
    it,” he added during a press conference at a summit in
    Shares in Sistema, which have halved in value since the
    lawsuit was served in May, were 6 per cent higher on the
    Moscow market in lunchtime trading.
    The company has previously said it is open to out-of-court
    negotiations over the issue.
    A Rosneft spokesperson said on Tuesday that the company
    had yet to receive “any peaceful proposals” from Sistema.
    Mr Putin’s intervention follows his comments wishing Mr
    Yevtushenkov well after the billionaire was released from
    house arrest in 2014 in a case related to the reappropriation
    of Bashneft. Those comments were interpreted by the
    market as drawing a line under the battle for the oil
    company, which was reopened by Rosneft’s court case this
    The high-profile case has unnerved some investors in
    Russia. Many say they are nervous about legal protection of
    private property in an economy with a record of moves by
    state-controlled companies to seize major assets,
    particularly in the natural resources sector.
    Sistema, which has said it will appeal against the court’s
    Putin calls for amicable solution to Sistema-Rosneft
    decision, says all the actions taken were legal, documented
    and in line with standard corporate practice.

    Quelle: F.T.

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    ...die Richtung stimmt jedenfalls

    Klicken Sie auf die Grafik für eine größere Ansicht

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    Sistema to retain stake in MTS after share buyback

    Moscow, 6 September 2017 - Sistema PJSFC ("Sistema") (LSE: SSA, MOEX: AFKS), a publicly traded diversified holding company operating primarily in Russia and the CIS, announces that its subsidiary Sistema Finance S.A. has signed a sale and purchase agreement for shares in PJSC MTS ("MTS") as part of the second stage of the buyback programme for MTS shares approved by the Board of Directors of MTS in April 2016 (the "Programme").

    During the second stage of the Programme, which will be effective until April 2019, MTS's subsidiary LLC Stream Digital (the "Purchaser") plans to acquire shares and American depositary shares of MTS (collectively, the "Shares") in the open market. Under the agreement, Sistema Finance may sell to the Purchaser ordinary shares of MTS in the amount calculated based on the number of Shares to be purchased by the Purchaser in the open market in proportion to Sistema Group's effective equity stake in MTS (50.004% as of 6 September 2017).

    Sistema Group's effective stake in MTS will therefore not change materially as a result of the Programme.

    The Purchaser will purchase ordinary shares from Sistema Finance based on the weighted average price of Shares at which the Purchaser purchased them in the open market for each calendar month*.

    Sistema's President Mikhail Shamolin said: "Sistema plans to continue participating in the buyback of MTS shares in proportion to the operator's minority shareholders, while maintaining control of the company."

    Quelle: RNS, the company news service from the London Stock Exchange

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